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1201267263He brings people together, though probably not in the way he’d hoped: At last night’s State of the State speech, Gov. Deval Patrick gave reasons why a $28.2 billion budget is just what the state needs right now. Reception from both sides of the aisle was chilly. [Globe]

Mike Huckabee is coming to Boston: The presidential candidate and fitness buff will run the 2008 Boston Marathon. That’s great, but what we really want to see is Chuck Norris running at his side, roundhouse kicking anybody who tries to pass him. [Herald]

Good heavens. Wherever shall we summer now? Harvard has angered faculty by selling off alumni gifted summer homes in Maine without notifying them. Harvard says the properties were too expensive to maintain. [Globe]

KFC plans to turn the Super Bowl into a bad wedding: The NFL is outraged that fast food outlet KFC offered $260,000 to the charity of the first player who performs the wing-flapping part of the chicken dance for three seconds in the end zone after a touchdown. The NFL calls it “a textbook case of ambush marketing 101.” [Herald]