An Open Letter to the South Regarding Fried Chicken and Mitt Romney

Dear Southern/Fried Chicken-Loving States,

1201538856Hello, friends. Boston Daily here. We know that we don’t always get along, what with your socially conservative views and our status as epicenter of the gay marriage world. But if there’s one thing we can agree on, it’s the deliciousness of fried chicken.

Which is why we’d like to state for the record that we completely disagree with our former governor’s refusal to eat the crispy, heavenly goodness of the chicken’s fried skin.

Mitt Romney stopped at a KFC in Florida to have lunch and campaign on Saturday. He ordered some fried chicken, then proceeded to peel the skin off and just eat the meat, claiming he wanted a healthy option.

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee was scandalized.

“I can tell you this,” he said, “any Southerner knows if you don’t eat the skin don’t bother calling it fried chicken.”

“So that’s good. I’m glad that he did that, because that means I’m going to win Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma … all these great Southern states that understand the best part of fried chicken is the skin, if you’re going to eat it that way.”

(Oklahoma is known for its fried chicken? Who knew?)

We know that you scoff at our opinions on barbecue and other Southern delicacies, but we know a good thing when we taste it. At the late Bob’s Southern Bistro we savored every flake of fried skin on our chicken. Even during a late-night run to KFC we love the crunch of the artificial-tasting poultry. We don’t eat it regularly, but we appreciate the art of breading a wing and frying it to a golden brown.

So please know that Mitt Romney doesn’t represent the Northeast’s beliefs about fried chicken. In fact, feel free to send along some of your deliciously unhealthy food our way. We promise we’ll send a batch of clam chowder down with our thanks.

Boston Daily