Jim Ogonowski Goes Big, Goes Home, Then Goes Bigger

1201531514Now that we’re in the midst of a contentious presidential primary season, the Fifth Congressional District race feels like it happened years ago. But the October election between Niki Tsongas and Jim Ogonowski was as bitterly fought as the primaries, with Tsongas winning the seat vacated by Marty Meehan.

We thought Ogonowski would slink back to his farm, never to run for office again. But he has other plans. He’s going to run against Sen. John Kerry. Really.

Ogonowski’s six-point loss to Tsongas wasn’t a complete trouncing by any means. But we wouldn’t go as far to call a close defeat “momentum.”

Since his defeat by Democrat Niki Tsongas in a race that drew national attention, Ogonowski has met with state activists and party leaders about a potential candidacy, which he said would build on momentum from his congressional campaign.

You lost, Jim. Clearly, whatever momentum you had wasn’t enough to beat a candidate who had never held office. And yet that will somehow propel you to victory against a man who’s been in the senate for 23 years? It seems unlikely.

Kerry doesn’t seem too concerned.

In a statement, Kerry spokesman David Wade said that “Senator Kerry is running for reelection so he can continue fighting to change Washington. John Kerry brings to public service a lifetime of fighting the tough fights for change and standing up with courage and conviction, and he’ll keep doing that in the United States Senate.”

It’s not looking good for your campaign when the opposition doesn’t get worked up enough to mention you by name. But maybe Ogonowski hopes to capitalize on another Kerry gaffe between now and November and prove us wrong.