Sorry We’re Late, Here’s Some Internet

From time to time we allow culture guru Dan Morrell to pontificate on the things that effect you the most. Like Curt Schilling’s love of the Scorpions. Today Dan looks at WiFi on the MBTA.

The worst commuter rail that has ever existed (ed note: this is an opinion and not likely true)—the Worcester/Framingham line—is trying to get slightly more bearable. As a regular rider of the line over the last few months, my commute has included some fantastic 45-minute-late rides, including one where my train was used to push a stalled train into Back Bay. Then there was the train that was so full that by the time it showed up, no one was let on.

(Insults, Dunkin’s cups may have been hurled at said train.)

So I have to take the news that they are testing WiFi service on the rail as a sign that no one can solve the whole timeliness issue, and the powers that be are just hoping to placate the angry masses by enabling them to entertain nearby passengers with YouTube videos of various crotch injuries.

I mean, the internet is cool and all, but not being late to work and remaining employed is kinda important.