The Kennedy Count

1201550518The political world is abuzz over Edward Kennedy’s endorsement of Barack Obama. Ted’s seal of approval carries the most political weight, but several other Kennedys of note have put that powerful surname behind other candidates. We decided to look beyond Ted’s giant head and see what the Kennedys looming in his shadow think about the Democratic field.

Sweet Caroline
The onslaught of official Kennedy love began yesterday, when former president John F. Kennedy’s daughter Caroline endorsed Obama in the New York Times, explaining that the country needs “a change in leadership—just like we did in 1960” when her father was elected. Wasn’t she, like, in diapers when that happened?

Now the children of the other tragically slain Kennedy
While JFK’s daughter is with Obama, RFK’s children have fallen in line with Hillary Clinton. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend tells the Herald that she and her brother Robert respectfully disagree with their cousins.

The Kennedy with issues
Rhode Island Rep. Patrick Kennedy followed his daddy and also endorsed Obama, calling him “the perfect antidote to George Bush.”

We want our MTV VJ Kennedy
Did you know that 90’s MTV icon Kennedy is a conservative Republican with a pink elephant tattooed on her left thigh? Wikipedia also claims she has a “strong libertarian streak,” so we bet she’d vote John McCain.