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1201526058New week, new campaign drama: Massachusetts Senator Edward Kennedy will endorse Barack Obama for president today. The Herald cites Kennedy’s anger at the veiled racist sentiments coming from the Clinton campaign as his motivation, while the Globe assures us Kennedy likes Obama’s policies. [Herald, Globe]

At least you can now email your boss to tell him your train is late: The MBTA has launched a free Wi-Fi pilot program on the perpetually late Worcester/Framingham line. [Globe]

Wal-Mart—not that evil. Kinda: The mammoth chain has revamped its image, providing affordable health care to its employees and encouraging green practices. Wal-Mart hopes that its newfound social responsibility will ease its expansion into Massachusetts. [Herald]

Mitt Romney takes off his suit: And takes on Fidel Castro while wearing a guayabera, a traditional Cuban shirt, and apparently singing an aria. [Globe]