Countdown to 42: Media Day

1200929040If you want to find all your Media Day goodness, there are all kinds of places to turn.We’ll try to help distill the coverage as best we can: Nothing happened.

We are but five days from the final game of the professional football season and the lead from Arizona is that some woman from some TV station proposed to Tom Brady. I hope she’s proud, and I’m sure her career will really take off now that she has branded herself as the new Downtown Julie Brown. Congrats, kid. You’re right up there with Woodward and Bernstein.

We would like to go on a long discourse about how the inanity of “Media Day” embarrasses the profession and serves as a black eye to the noble cause of journalism, but we know you don’t really care. You want to read something interesting, so here are some actual stories that will help pass the time between now and Sunday:

In a city raised on quarterbacks like Joe Namath and Phil Simms, New Yorkers are still trying to wrap their heads around “goofy” Eli Manning. NY Mag takes a shot at loving Eli, but they basically concede they’d rather have Tom Brady.

My old compadre on the Philadelphia Eagles beat, Reuben Frank, writes that it’s time to take back the Super Bowl from our greedy corporate overlords, and he manages to get in a Paul Westerberg reference.

They should just make this the pregame show: Super Bowl XLII as played on Tecmo Bowl.