Fun in Florida (for Us at Least)

1201620332Another week, another primary. I was really excited about this race for a while. Now? Now I’m just tired. And confused.

How is it that Mitt Romney can look into a camera and lie and still be in the race? How is it that he can stand with a group of black people, on Martin Luther King Jr Day, use stupid/insulting language and still be in the race? I’m honestly asking, because I have no clue how it’s possible.

In any event, not only is Romney alive, he’s thriving. Today, he’ll battle Arizona Sen. John McCain for Florida. Meanwhile, the Sunshine State could mark the end for at least one candidate.

According to the Globe, the latest polls (and, no, I don’t trust them anymore than you do) have McCain and Romney in a virtual tie heading into today’s primary.

A representative survey by Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby showed McCain leading Romney 33 percent to 30 percent, with Giuliani at 14 percent and Huckabee at 11 percent. The poll was conducted Friday through Sunday and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.4 percentage points.

Naturally, with such a tight race, Romney and McCain are doing everything they can to undermine the other. Romney has implied that McCain isn’t conservative enough, and McCain has done pretty much the same thing, calling Romney a “liberal governor of Massachusetts.”

What I want to know is why their communications people don’t just cut to the chase and use the old standard: I know you are but what am I?

While the pandering in Florida has been gross, even for hardened pols (We love Cubans, it’s the Mexicans we want to deport!), there is one bit of good news from down South. It looks like former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who’s running a distant third and whose whole strategy was banking on a win in Florida, might have to give it up after today.

It’s time to thin the herd, people.

Speaking of, here are Boston Daily’s picks:

McCain, Romney, Giuliani, Huckabee

Romney, McCain, Giuliani, Huckabee

Romney, McCain, Giuliani, Huckabee

Romney, McCain, Giuliani, Huckabee

McCain, Romney, Giuliani, Jeb Bush