Super Tuesday May Get a Whole Lot More Super

1201620635As the old adage goes, we have erasers on pencils because people make mistakes. Even with modern technology like Outlook calendars and Blackberries, we sometimes double-book and have to cancel plans at the last minute.

Unfortunately for the city of Boston, it can’t cancel the two huge events that may coincide a week from today.

It could be a battle between two American institutions. If the Patriots win the Super Bowl, the victory parade will have to happen on Super Tuesday since a sizable contingent of players (Tom Brady, Randy Moss, etc.) leave for the Pro Bowl on Wednesday. It’s democracy versus red-blooded football fans, and everybody’s torn.

“The Pats have been able to take down everyone else, but can they knock down Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama?” wondered Avi Green, executive director of MassVOTE, a nonpartisan voting rights group. “Can they handle the Mitt-mentum?”

“We have to have a plan,” [Mayor Tom Menino] said. “I’m just thinking about it; I don’t want to jinx anybody.”

“Being out and being in a crowd with people talking about the election and voting may in fact help spread the word,” [election specialist Thomas] Patterson said. “People have got to talk about something other than the Patriots while they’re out there freezing.”

The one person who’s completely out of touch is secretary of state Bill Galvin.

“With all due respect to the New England Patriots – and I wish them well; I hope they win – holding the election of the next president of the United States is a little more important,” said Galvin[.]

Bill, with all due respect, we’re talking about 19-0. It’s historic! Sure, there’s a woman and a black man who are viable presidential candidates, but we can still vote for one of them in the general election. By then, the baseball playoffs will be over so we’ll be able to focus.