Tom Brady: Not That Hot?

1201625921If we’ve learned anything during this presidential primary season, it’s that polls aren’t always reliable. Hillary Clinton came out on the winning side of that lesson after she beat presumed New Hampshire winner Barack Obama.

But our perception of reality has been even more deeply shaken by a poll on (featured in the February issue of Boston magazine! If only we could stop the leaks in the Big Dig with all these plugs) that ranks Tom Brady as the seventh hottest QB in the NFL.

Now that can’t be right.

Were the 1,900 people surveyed from Baltimore? Because we’re pretty sure that the Ravens’ Kyle Boller is not the hottest quarterback. Perhaps the poll respondents were also heavily from New York, since even sleepy-eyed Eli Manning beat out the supermodel-dating Patriots QB.

America, we do not understand why you love the Manning family so much. To those of us here in New England, they look like petulant children who need a good punch in the head. Take a look at and you’ll be cured of your attraction to anyone with that last name.

Let’s review the facts. Tom Brady dates supermodels, earns more in endorsements than Eli (though the ubiquitous Peyton Manning out-earns Tom), and earned his super stardom instead of capitalizing on his daddy’s name. Thanks, but you can have your Bollers and your Mannings. Our hearts belong to Brady.