Countdown to 42: Talking Trash

1200929040We finally got some action. The Giants showed up in Arizona dressed mostly in black. For a funeral. Get it? The obvious question would be: For whom?

Then Plaxico Burress, the Giants wide receiver, predicted victory for the G-Men, making him the 366th athlete to make the guarantee since Joe Namath. He also managed to raise the ire of his coach, Tom Coughlin. But in perhaps the best trash-talking moment of Super Bowl week, the Globe’s Carol Beggy called out the Herald for their “hypocrisy,” over competing books. We feel ya Carol.

All in all this has been a fairly benign Super Bowl when it comes to the time-honored tradition of trash talk. No Freddie Mitchell to say he’ll have something for Rodney Harrison, and no voices inside the head of Joey Porter competing for air time. Hell, the best some reporters could do was dredge up Warren Sapp’s comments from four years ago about Russ Hochstein.

Only three working days left.

On to some more meaningful links:

The Onion has a story entitled: Giants: ‘We almost beat the Patriots once, we can almost beat them again’

You know how you know there’s nothing else to write about? The best Slate could do is a piece on the two kickers.

Our favorite football curmudgeon, Dr. Z, who is quickly morphing into the pigskin version of Murray Chass, breaks down the matchups and gives the Pats an 11-9-5 edge. But still, he didn’t pick the Jets 40 years ago so he’s sticking with the Giants.