Jinx! Jinx! Jinx!

1200929040If we don’t play this football game soon, we are going to lose our minds. It seems our friends in the media have already lost it, and it’s not even Friday yet.

All we read about in the papers this morning was who was jinxing whom. The Herald accused the Globe of jinxing the Patriots by writing a book about the Patriots’ perfect season up for pre-order on Amazon.com. The Globe then pointed out that the Herald has its own book in the works about the 19-0 season and should shut the hell up (paraphrasing).

Not content to have one scapegoat for an unlikely Patriots loss, the Herald proceeded to accuse Mayor Tom Menino of jinxing the team by planning a parade that not only must be safe for the players and those along the route, but also can’t interfere with the ability of little old ladies to vote in the primary. Clearly, leaving himself some extra time to accomplish that Herculean feat is a sign of cockiness and hatred for New England.

Here is the thing our beloved dailies forgot—the Patriots are not the Red Sox.

Say it again.

The Patriots are not the Red Sox.

All that talk of curses and jinxes belongs at Fenway Park. Sure, the Sox aren’t as doomed as they once were, but the aura of mysticism has been instilled into our DNA. But the Patriots don’t rely on full moons or eclipses to win games. They rely on efficiency, professionalism, and intelligence.

So calm down. Take a pill. Write your books and plan your parades. If the Patriots lose, you won’t hear fiery accusations from Bill Belichick about jinxes. He’ll blame the Giants’ superior game play or the failures of his team, which is where the responsibility will lie.