We Didn’t Even Notice the Nuns, We Were Staring at that Butt

Dear Herald,

Was it something we said?

We know things have been a little rough between us lately. Even though we’ve sung your praises, you’re mad that Joe Keohane is prepared to pen your obituary. Then you took the bait when Adam Reilly called.

Herald editor Kevin Convey told Reilly on Monday:

“While I agree with some of what Joe says, I certainly disagree with a lot of what he says about what we do. We aren’t simply a crime and grime tabloid. We haven’t been since I took over.”

On Tuesday we get the Perv Line. Crime? Check. Grime? Check.

So you looked a little silly. (Even though we loved it.) Instead of laughing at yourself, you decided to shove an Equinox fitness ad that featured nuns sketching a nude man under the noses of some real nuns and some old ladies in Southie.

Naturally, they didn’t like it.

“No one in our community would ever be involved with something like that,” Sister Michelle Anne said. “It’s very upsetting.”

“Disgusting,” said Richie Davis of South Boston, referring to the ad.

“Disgraceful,” added Peggy Cosetta, another South Boston resident.

CNN picked up the story, placing it on their latest news feed along with stories about Dr. Phil harshing on somebody who likes Star Wars and a severed head and body parts found along the I-80, and made us look like a bunch of godless heathens to grandmas and nuns. Well played.

Can we put it all behind us now? We hate fighting with you. Call us!

Boston Daily