Boston University Students Want Their Globe Back

1201891933Ever since Tom created the first MySpace profile back all those years ago, the media has been troubled by the young folks migrating to the internet. If general knowledge is to be believed, this generation of college kids does everything from finding a partner to watching bootlegged movies online and that it’s only a matter of time before print news is extinct.

Take heart, traditional media lovers. Students at Boston University are upset that the college canceled its subscription to the Globe.

For years, BU students could find free copies of the Globe on campus. While some students probably picked them up just for the funnies, many students are required to bring the print edition to class, and they don’t want to pay for it.

“We are pinching pennies as it is,” College of Arts and Sciences sophomore Jahnavi Bhangley said. “I think it’s crazy that the university isn’t providing the paper.”

Well, strictly speaking the paper isn’t free. The cost of the university subscription is doubtlessly rolled into your tuition bill. But, yeah, ponying up 50 cents a day when you’ve spent all your money on beer is an inconvenience.

One branch of the college says it had to cancel the subscription because times are tight for it as well.

Speaking on the behalf of the College of Communication only, COM Director of Administration and Finance Maureen Clark said the COM Boston Globe subscription was cancelled due to wasted papers.

“We used to order [the Boston Globe] every fall for the COM101 class, and this fall was the worst waste of paper we noticed,” Clark said. “Students were reading the paper online instead of manually, and it became a budget issue.”

That new logo wasn’t going to pay for itself, kids.