Dentists Know How to Party

1201882264There’s a lot of excitement in Boston this weekend. Not only is our football team in the Super Bowl, but it’s the 33rd Annual Yankee Dental Congress.

Never heard of it? Odds are you were busy cursing the participants out this morning as you sat in traffic on the Pike and the Expressway.

In the most bizarre news story we’ve read in a while, it seems all 28,000 dentists who were attending the conference decided to arrive at once. Of course, this was in addition to the untold number of commuters who were trying to get to work downtown.

But wait. It gets weirder.

The conference. . . is not just seminars about cavities, gingivitis, and fluoride. On Thursday former Red Sox slugger Jim Rice posed for pictures. Tonight’s entertainment: Grammy winner Sheryl Crow. Saturday there is a celebrity lunch with Geena Davis.

Huh. Our dentists always seemed kind of dorky and lame to us. Clearly, we should hang out with him more often.