The Week That Was

1201531714Chronicling the past week via quick links and pithy commentary (Patriots and politics edition).

There’s a new phenomenon sweeping the land: Obama-lot! (Thanks to Shep Smith for that one).

Not everyone was happy about Ted Kennedy’s endorsement: New York NOW, for instance.

After another silver, Romney says he’s in it to win it: You have to admire his moxie, if not his bank account.

You’d think there was a big game or something: The Patriots get a little introspective?

Honestly, aren’t there more important things for the Senate to worry about? Arlen Specter, ladies and gentlemen!


Jim Ogonowski sees a new battle: With John Kerry. Little ambitious if you ask us.

We bet Jim would know how to handle his KFC though: Our ex-Governor? Not so much.


‘We are not a crime and grime paper’: Um, OK.

The New Kids play games with our emotions: Don’t tease us, Danny.

Eli over Brady? Come on now.


What’s in a logo? Not much apparently.

The Sox don’t get Johan Santana: And everyone is happy.

OK, Herald, we have to hand it to you: That was a good one.


Flush with endorsements, and cash, Obama returns to Boston: We’ll admit it, the election has been better than the Super Bowl hype.

Especially when we get to write stories like this: Dude, you said there would be nachos.


The post the Hill and the Hall don’t want you to read: But can’t wait to see for themselves.

And then we asked an orangutan to pick the Super Bowl winner: And she ‘picked’ the Pats!

That’s all for us for this week. If you need us we’ll be chilling at NY Fashion Week with Dea Dea Baker.