Hillary Gloats, Part I

1202157651Yes, she may have cried today, but she was bragging last night. She’s a Giants fan, you see, and when told Barack Obama supported the Pats, Hillary said that at least on Tuesday the good people of Massachusetts could support a winner. “I think this is a real omen,” sayeth the gloater.

Oh no she didn’t.

Hillary’s comments haven’t sat well. Bay State Liberal is tut-tutting the frontrunner, reminding her that not only does she have two Massachusetts rallies today, but also must overcome a Kennedy endorsement tomorrow in a state she kinda, sorta needs to win. Jason Zengerle over at The New Republic has the goods on a Suffolk University poll that finds the Democratic contenders in a dead heat. We’re reminded of a team that celebrated too soon, that asked its opponent to come to its post-game party before kickoff.

Things don’t always work out as planned.