It Ain’t the Duck Boats, But It’ll Have to Do

1202146755It’s easy to wallow in self-pity and misery after last night’s loss in the Super Bowl. But at least we have something to look forward to, right? No, not the Celtics. Definitely not the Bruins. We’re talking about Super Tuesday.

While Mitt Romney won’t be in town until Tuesday evening, we’ve got a spate of candidates in town to get your vote. Dry your eyes, sports fans, and take in the non-contact sport of eleventh-hour campaigning.

Hillary Clinton will appear at several events in Boston today. If you can keep your voice from cracking, you can go to the Clinton campaign HQ in Dorchester to make calls for the candidate. Just be sure you bring your own phone. But tread with caution—Sen. Clinton was rooting for the Giants.

Illinois Sen. Barack Obama will appear at the World Trade Center this evening with a cadre of local pols like Gov. Deval Patrick and Sen. Ted Kennedy. It’s a first-come, first-served event, so if you don’t want to stand outside by the waterfront on a February night, be sure to show up well in advance of the 8 p.m. start time.

Unfortunately for the Herald staff and independent voters, you missed your chance to party with John McCain. Mike Huckabee won’t stop in the Bay State before the big day, instead campaigning in the South where his evangelical roots are an asset.

We are a little disappointed our boy Ron Paul will spend the day in North Dakota and Minnesota instead of stopping in Massachusetts. After the Ron Paul Blimp was grounded, we feel like we’ve earned at least a photo-op.