Mitt Romney or John McCain: Who Loves Us More?

1199905096Our state’s relationship with former governor Mitt Romney is similar to a doomed marriage in a Lifetime movie. He loves to belittle us and make himself look better in the eyes of those sexy and delegate-rich states in the South. Thus, we are scorned.

Yet when another guy rolls into town, trying to pick up some votes, Mitt gets all territorial. We don’t know how much longer we can continue this dance.

Sure, John McCain may not have the thick head of hair and presidential jawline, but he’s trying to win us over with this thing called “personality.” First of all, he’ll take us out to a bar every once in a while.

GOP presidential contender John McCain greeted patrons and supporters at Boston’s historic Green Dragon Tavern yesterday, kicking off a frenzied three days of campaigning for candidates in the Bay State.

He’s attuned to our needs. He showed up an hour before kickoff and left us alone while we watched our perfect season go up in smoke. McCain let us be until this morning, when he came back out to dry our tears and bring our attention back to Super Tuesday.

And where are you, Mitt? You’re stepping out on us with all those Southern states in our time of need and taking us for granted.

“But if he wants to spend time in Massachusetts, fine,” Romney said. “I don’t think it will help him a lot.”

Apparently, Republican voters like the boot in the face as Romney leads McCain by about 20 points in polling. Looks like we didn’t take into account the masochistic voter bloc when we said Romney was in trouble here last week.