News That Makes Us Go Ick

1202230678Sex jokes are usually funny when executed properly, but when executed by the Harvard Crimson they tend to make us cringe. From the only student newspaper in the country pretentious enough to give nearly every byline a middle initial, Esther I. Yi brings us this paragraph in her report on Harvard senior Matthew Di Pasquale’s efforts to create a new sex magazine on campus:

The Dunster House senior plans to publish nude photographs of Harvard co-eds in a new campus magazine, to be called “Diamond.” The plans for the magazine haven’t been fully fleshed out, but Di Pasquale said he hopes to discharge his first issue this spring.


Bonus material: Renowned Adrian Walker critic and Universal Hub impresario Adam G. directs us to this Facebook photo album linked on young master Di Pasquale’s profile to get an idea of where the budding magazine editor gets his inspiration.

Bonus bonus material: Di Pasquale just became Facebook friends with noted/oft hilariously ridiculed Harvard sex blogger Lena Chen. This makes us laugh.