Spanning the Web: Super Tuesday Edition

Taking you around the internet for your afternoon enjoyment and political fulfillment.

1202242823Score one for fried chicken: On Saturday, Mitt Romney said he liked his chances in a two-person race. Unfortunately for him it’s still a three-man race. Mike Huckabee wins West Virginia with 52 percent of the vote. Romney came in second with 47 percent. [CNN]

Another reason election day should be a holiday: An eight-year-old girl in Randolph was hit by an elderly driver who dropped his wife off to vote at the polling place inside her elementary school. The girl was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. []

We tip our hat to the Globe’s Michael Levenson: He titled a post about Mitt Romney’s punishing campaign schedule as “For Romney, No Sleep Till Belmont.” If you need us, we’ll be buying Romney a copy of Licensed to Ill to expand his rap knowledge. (“Ann, honey, come here. These white men are rapping!”) []

Despite the rain, people are voting: Universal Hub commenters report excitement, long lines, and missing cops from their polling places. You have until 8 p.m. to observe the madness for yourself. Vote! If you don’t know where to vote, just plug in your address here and all will be revealed. [Universal Hub]

And for those who couldn’t care less about democracy and the American way. . .

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