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Your condensed guide to today’s daily papers.

1202218879Ah, the sweet smell of distraction: Sure, they may be having a parade of some kind in New York, but it’s Super Tuesday. Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., so be sure to do your civic duty. [Globe]

You guys always know how to make us feel good: The Herald reminds us that spring training starts in two weeks, the Beanpot is underway, and we have a basketball team. Aww, thanks for trying to cheer us up. But the back cover that screams “ALL IS LOST” brought us right down again. [Herald]

And the Globe keeps us miserable starting on A-1: Yeah, we were in mourning yesterday. But the city slept off its booze and grief hangover, realized that its got an election to watch today, and is trying to move on. [Globe]

Mitt Romney will keep on keeping on: Our former governor says that he will continue to fight for the Republican nomination, even if Sen. John McCain pulls ahead after today’s primaries. The Romney grandkids are going to be pissed when they have to take out student loans because grandpa spent all his money on an election bid in 2008. [Herald]