Che Sosa Strikes Again

Remember Che Sosa — the rapist who stabbed his own attorney with a plastic prison shank last year, and then asked the 60-year-old lawyer if he was “still breathing” as the bleeding man crumpled to the floor?

Well, he’s back. Last night, Sosa, 37, who’s serving 55 years on a variety of rape and assault charges, stabbed a Walpole correction officer repeatedly with a pen. Sosa was handed the pen in order to sign for mail in his cell at the Disciplinary Disorders Unit—the section that houses the worst of the worst at Walpole.

After the officer was taken away in an ambulance, Sosa settled back into his cell and tuned into his cable-wired television. Administrators have refused to allow guards to remove his personal items — like the taxpayer-funded TV.

“Sosa has a long and distinguished history of violence and chaos,” said Steve Kenneway, President of the Massachusetts Correction Officers Federation Union (MCOFU). “The worst of it is, the DOC [Department of Correction] is afraid to challenge guys like Sosa. The inmates are running the asylum,” Kenneway added. “After Sosa stabbed our officer, he sat in his cell and kept apprised of Mitt Romney’s progress on Super Tuesday.”

It’s no secret that Kenneway and his members were no fans of the Romney administration’s handling of the Department of Correction. Romney turned the DOC over to Kathleen Dennehy after the prison murder of convicted pedophile priest John Geoghan, and she was quickly reviled by the MCOFU.

The corrections officer’s union said she coddled criminals with perks like in-prison circus acts and first-run movies. At one point the union got so incensed that they started following her around with one of those huge inflatable rats commonly spotted at non-union construction sites. Dennehy was asked to step down by the Deval Patrick administration last spring.

“Sosa is incorrigible and they need to strip his cell down to the barest minimums, not allow him to retain his privileges after he assaults an officer,” Kenneway said.

I can attest to Sosa’s violent nature. After writing a story about him for the Herald, I received a letter outlining the brutal rape fantasy Sosa was harboring about me, along with an invitation to his next court appearance where he said he would act it out. Then he filed a libel suit against me, which was ultimately thrown out.

In an added twist, next week Sosa faces a new set of rape charges in Middlesex County, on top of his existing conviction. God help the court-appointed lawyer who pulls Sosa as a client. If they can find one to take the gig.