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1200328070Paris Hilton brings out the worst in people: Three men were arrested outside the Estate last night when they refused to disperse as they waited for Hilton’s car and then punched a cop. Sadly, the heiress probably thought that was hot. [WCVB]

Not only is the MBTA financially bankrupt, they appear to be morally bankrupt as well: What was the reaction from a conductor on the Red Line when a woman informed him that a passenger was masturbating on the train? “Guess they’re targeting redheads now.” [Universal Hub]

Wait, this is supposed to honor the dead? A hodgepodge of national acts will come together in Providence later this month to hold a concert to benefit the victims of the fire at the Station Nightclub. Sure, Twisted Sister is pretty awesome, but Kellie Pickler? Haven’t these people suffered enough? [WCVB]

“Walking in a Manning wonderland”: Yeah, we don’t want to watch football with these guys either. [The700Level]

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Alpha Omega liquidation sale starts tomorrow: For reals, this time.