Comcast Finally Makes Us Happy

1202397047There was joy all around Boston Daily’s home base when the clicker hit 852 yesterday afternoon, and we saw Ken Shamrock. We’re not exactly fans of ultimate fighting, but large men beating the hell out of each other could mean only one thing: Comcast SportsNet has made it to HD. Hallelujah.

We’re still not sure what took them so long, but now we can finally watch Mike Felger in HD! OK, not quite. The big draw, of course, is that Celtics road games will be in crystal-clear high-definition.

The whole thing was becoming quite embarrassing for our local cable provider. They charge a pretty fat price for the privilege of providing their customers with an HD hookup, and just one spot down the dial, NESN, had long had road games for the Red Sox, and even the Bruins, in HD.

There isn’t a whole lot beyond the Celtics on the schedule yet. Mostly Fox staples like the awful Best Damn Sports Show, and far-flung college sports from the Pac-10 and the Big 12 (of which we are a fan).

But it will be interesting to see what CSN-New England does with Sports Tonight, which features a strong Herald presence, and could be a nice counter-balance to NESN’s all-Globe, all-the-time approach.

That’s for another day. For now, we’re just psyched to watch the C’s take apart Minnesota in HD on Friday.