48 Hours of Freedom

It’s the weekend. You can spend it missing Mitt Romney, or you stop wallowing in your misery and enjoy it. Here are some suggestions for your precious two days of total freedom, prepared for you by Boston Daily.

We are totally in love with Sarah Vowell and David Rakoff. The writers and This American Life regulars read from their work tonight at Harvard.

Do you ever wonder what would happen if Mayor Tom Menino met his own Henry Higgins? Ponder this as you take in the 50th anniversary production of My Fair Lady during its Boston run. We bet you could pass as a duchess yet, Mayor.

There’s nothing like some premium wine, wonderful hors d’oeuvres, and jazz music to make your forget the stress of the work week. Jazzed About Wine kicks off the Boston Wine Expo at the Seaport Hotel.

If wine and jazz is a little chi-chi for your Friday night, you can always head to Wilmington for World Championship Fighting.

As Valentine’s Day creeps closer, your odds of getting a reservation are dwindling. Prepare yourself for an emergency by attending Cooking for Romance at Rialto. Chef Jody Adams will teach you how to make an aphrodisiac-heavy three-course meal and will give you the recipes to try out for your sweetheart.

Perhaps you’ve already scored that coveted Valentine’s Day reservation, and you want to look great. Salon Capri offers a $140 Valentine’s Day menu that allows you to pick one service from each “course” to have yourself looking fab on the big day.

For the single folks or basketball-loving couples, March Madness at Cambridge 1 kicks off this weekend. Fill out a bracket for a chance to win a pizza party for you and 20 friends, and will have all the game on one of its 50-inch high-def TVs.

While it’s been raining and sleeting in Boston, it’s been snowing in Vermont. Bring the family north to enjoy the powder at the Burlington Winter Festival. The truly crazy can even take a swim in Lake Champlain to benefit the Special Olympics.

Don’t lie—we know that you love comic books. Get your geek on at the Boston Comic Book and CD/Record Collector’s Convention.

After you’ve stocked up on your obscure CDs and comics, head over to the Saks Consolidation Sale. You can save up to 70 percent on the select men’s and women’s clothing.

With the ever-rising cost of fuel, we’re pretty sure a world tour would cost more than $20. But at Bambara’s World Tour, chef Jay Silva will give you a taste of French cuisine with a cassoulet paired with a glass of La Freynelle Bordeaux 2005 for that low, low price.

If you’ve already seen the films nominated for Oscars this year, you’re ahead of the game. Instead of watching some crappy romantic comedy, head to the ICA to check out the Best Short Films. The screening features six films by various indie filmmakers.

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