The Rocket’s Day of Reckoning Approaches

1202497757We’ve been trying to wrap our heads around the vicious tirade Rusty Hardin, the attorney for Roger Clemens, unleashed on reporters last night in Washington, D.C. Hardin, who is described as one of Houston’s most talented trial lawyers, and also “Slicker ‘n deer guts on a doorknob,” lambasted the press for believing Brian McNamee, Clemens’ former trainer. After referencing the Duke lacrosse case, Hardin then eviscerated McNamee, calling him a liar and bringing up that whole rape incident.

So this will all end well, huh?

A couple of months ago, we talked to Peter Gammons, and he had this to say:

“If Clemens keeps claiming that he’s innocent and gets into a war with Brian McNamee, it’s really going to get ugly.”

We are well past the ugly part now. In one of the more surreal images you’ll ever see, McNamee presented his evidence to congress: a Miller Lite can filled with syringes that McNamee says were used for injecting Clemens with steroids. (See it all at The Smoking Gun).

Hardin raised the obvious question: Why would someone keep that kind of stuff lying around? To which one of McNamee’s attorneys responded:

“He had a sense Roger was not trustworthy and would betray him ultimately, prescient though it may be,” (Richard) Emery said. “He certainly said about himself if he was going to get thrown under the bus by Roger, he was going to take Roger with him.”

It may be, as McNamee himself said a few weeks ago, that Clemens actually believes he is telling the truth. But someone here is lying. If there is DNA evidence to connect Clemens to the drugs, it will only get worse for Roger. McNamee, who sounds like a pathetic groupie in almost every interview he does, is toast, no matter what.

We wait for Wednesday’s hearing, but as our pal Will Leitch noted on Deadspin, “This is not about getting to the bottom of steroids anymore. It’s only about embarrassing Clemens.”

Any takers on which Texas congressman will make an ass of themselves extolling Clemens’ hard work and dedication?

PHOTO from The Smoking Gun