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1202477296Oh Mitt, where did it all go wrong? The consensus seems to be that you transformed yourself from a moderate to an uber-conservative and nobody believed you. Also, Mike Huckabee plays bass and is funny. [Globe, Herald]

Speaking of putting troubled creatures out of their misery: Some conservationists say that troubled sea life should be left to die instead of being rehabilitated. [Globe]

After yesterday’s coffee talk, it’s back to business: The Boston Firefighters Union has asked that a clause that would require random drug tests in a new contract be left out since the city didn’t propose it in its original contract proposal. The city counters that labor boards often rule on issues that weren’t in the original filing. [Herald]

Curt Schilling is going to rehab: Instead of getting surgery on his shoulder, the Sox starter will be in rehab until the All-Star break. [Globe]

Grandma’s gonna need a ride: After an elderly man hit an 8-year-old girl with his car on Super Tuesday, Gov. Deval Patrick has announced he’s looking into legislation that would test senior citizens to make sure they can safely drive. [Herald]