Boston Daily Prepares for the Virtual Waiting Room

1193839290Back in December, Boston Daily happily tagged along when our friend won the lottery to attend Christmas at Fenway. Not satisfied with the tickets we bought on that cold December morning, I entered the online lottery for the chance to buy tickets for either Opening Day or the Yankees.

Yesterday, I got the news that I “won” the second chance lottery and will have a shot at buying tickets at noon tomorrow. Now I’m girding myself for my first experience in the Virtual Waiting Room.

My attitude toward finding Sox tickets has been relatively Zen. A friend would come into tickets at the last minute, or some other fluke would put me within the green walls of Fenway. Therefore, I haven’t spent any time in the online hell that is the virtual waiting room.

“It involves a lot of profanity, some threats to the inventor’s mother, blinding bouts of rage, and then hopefully sweet, sweet victory,” a friend told me when I asked for tips on how best to end up a winner.

It doesn’t sound like much fun, but I am desperate for opening day tickets. I want to feel the roar of the fighter jets as they scream overhead. I want to see our conquering heroes claim their rings in person. I want to see if Jacoby Ellsbury has considered my marriage proposal during the offseason.

My mission tomorrow is to buy Opening Day tickets. I don’t care if they’re obstructed view or cost nearly $200, as long as I’m within the walls of Fenway on April 8. Once the experience is over, we’ll blog my break with sanity and let you know if I was victorious.