Obama Out For Blood at Harvard

1202826897After hours of sitting at home watching CNN’s John King show off his truly remarkable telestrator skills, I decided that there’s just one more thing this primary season needs: vampires.

But then I thought some more. I don’t just want vampires. I want singing and dancing vampires. And I want them to be performing a rock musical set during Barack Obama‘s time as President of the Harvard Law Review.

There would be grand numbers that had lyrics like: “Chicago community organizing / That’s where I belong / I can’t be a vampire and so I sing this song.”

Well thank goodness I’m not the only one who had this thought. Obama look-a-like Justin Sherman, Director Mike Lawson and a few other mopes also decided this would be a good idea, and thus was born Barackula, the short rock musical about Barack Obama fighting off vampires during his heady days as President of the Harvard Law Review.

The online film, set to to hit the web next Monday, has already gotten a fair bit of press (including this preview on real vampire Chris Matthew’s show), but the Harvard Crimson yesterday provided particularly good analysis of how the movie came about:

The project began last year when a group of friends in Los Angeles decided that one of them, Justin M. Sherman, looked a lot like a young Obama.

At his friends’ prompting, Sherman wrote a script called “Mr. Obama Goes to Cambridge” about Obama’s years at the Law School and his time as president of the law review. But according to the film’s director, Mike S. Lawson, the script lacked conflict.

The solution was easy: add vampires.

For obvious reasons, it seems necessary to suggest monster movies for the rest of the candidates. Hillary Clinton somehow feels like a natural in a Frankenstein film. The well-aged John McCain would be perfect for a Night of the Living Dead remake. Mike Huckabee’s campaign itself is actually a updated version of The Exorcist I think (a bit scarier, though).

And as for our dear departed former Governor Mitt Romney? He sort of reminds me of a cross between Guy Smiley and ne’er-do-well Snuffleupagus from Sesame Street, but since no actually scary monsters come to mind, we’ll just go with The Money Pit.