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1202823167Old men warn young whippersnapper: Elderly drivers are none too pleased with Gov. Deval Patrick’s plan that would require drivers of a certain age to be retested to make sure they can drive safely. The problem with legislating against old people is that they will show up on Beacon Hill and fight back. The kids are too busy with their Facebook pages. [Herald]

Has anyone thought about retesting bus drivers? A Somerville woman who was hit by a bus in 2004 was awarded $10 million in damages yesterday. However, the MBTA may appeal because it is too broke to pay up. [Globe]

All our economic woes are solved! Gov. Patrick and House Speaker Sal DiMasi announced that the governor’s life sciences initiative should be approved in a matter of weeks. No word on how long after that it will be before a local scientist find a cure for Alzheimer’s or cancer. [Herald]

It’s all the fun of regular fishing, just a lot colder: The popularity of ice fishing in New Hampshire has skyrocketed, with many mothers dragging their husbands and kids out onto the ice for a day of frigid family togetherness. Thanks, but we’d rather stay inside and watch America’s Next Top Model marathons. [Globe]