Presidential Politics Returns to New England

1202146755As the adage goes, all politics is local. But now that Super Tuesday is history and Mitt Romney has dropped out of the race (sob), we’re more interested in Sal DiMasi’s budget proposal than we are Mike Huckabee’s latest Biblical allusion.

But with the results of last night’s Potomac Primaries, our interest has been piqued again. Not only that, but a front-runner plans to stop in New England this week. It’s not the thrill-a-minute of Super Tuesday, but it’ll have to do.

If you didn’t catch John McCain during his stop at Faneuil Hall earlier this month, the presumptive Republican nominee will be in Warwick, Rhode Island tomorrow. Despite his likely victory in the primary, he is the first candidate to make a stop in the suddenly important Ocean State.

McCain will probably be pretty cheerful as he greets supporters tomorrow afternoon. He won all three contests in yesterday’s primaries, as did Illinois Sen. Barack Obama. Sen. Hillary Clinton hasn’t won a primary since Super Tuesday, and her high-ranking campaign officials continue to jump ship.

The Clinton camp maintains it will rebound in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas, but the shakeups and her relatively low fundraising numbers don’t paint the picture of a front-runner.

There. It feels good to talk Presidential politics again, but it still doesn’t fill the void of a world with Romney.