Boston: Fit and Green

1203024133Boston Daily is on the record as loving those studies that rank cities based on various qualities. In the past few months, we’ve learned our town is good for babies, but not that drunk or literate. Today we’ve learned that Boston ranks high on the lists of America’s greenest and fittest cities. ranks Boston the third-most green city in the America, coming in behind only Portland, Oregon and San Francisco. The site praises the city for its plans to create a large compost pile that would create enough methane to power generators. Sounds stinky, but we’re happy to be doing our part to save the earth. Unlike some cites we could name, Greensboro.

Not only are we recycling, but we look hot doing it. Men’s Fitness rates Boston as thirteenth fittest city in the country. Ironically, it’s explanation-free report card gives “Mayor & City Initiatives” an A. They must be really impressed by Mayor Tom Menino’s newfound love of biking.

We lost points because we apparently don’t have enough gyms and we drink a lot. Clearly, Men’s Fitness didn’t read the study that claims there aren’t as many lushes here as some would believe.