This Valentine’s Day, Show Dan Grabauskas a Little Love

1203001181Email is one of our great pleasures in life. It gives us a way to chat with our friends and loved ones during the day while maintaining the pretense we’re doing actual work.

The one person who probably doesn’t like to check his email is MBTA General Manager Dan Grabauskas. Especially since he’s received obscenity-laced emails from an irate rider and nobody seems to care.

A Department of Corrections employee has hurled gay slurs at Grabauskas in emails that complained about the poor service on the Framingham/Worcester line.

“Fire the (expletive) Grabauskas, as he is as useless as (expletive) on a bull,” [Mark] Roberts wrote in one e-mail sent Jan. 14, according to a copy provided to the Herald.

In another message dated Dec. 11, 2007, he allegedly wrote, “Run the (expletive) trains on time or fire someone, how about starting with Grabauskas(?)”

Another one of the approximately dozen e-mails referred to a sex act and named Grabauskas specifically.

Grabauskas is angry that the state has done nothing to discipline the employee.

“To my read, and understanding of civility and civil rights, (Roberts) clearly crossed the line, and you would expect a response, updates and some action,” he added. “So far, I haven’t heard anything.”

Boy does that sound familiar. It’s just like waiting for a train that’s 20 minutes late with no information.

But we’ve got to check our bitterness on this day of love. Instead of calling Grabauskas a nasty name, take some time to send him an eCard. It’s the least you can do since the MBTA adjusted the schedule on the Worcester line to reflect reality.