How Will We Tell Our Friends Nothing Is Happening?

1203455800If safety activists have their way, the Massachusetts Senate may soon have to decide if driving while Blackberrying is a crime. The House has already passed a bill making it illegal for drivers to make cell phone calls without a hands-free device, and it could be up before the Senate soon.

The proposed law is patently ridiculous because cops can already cite distracted drivers, and as Noah Bierman pointed out in the Globe today, it’s not the dialing, it’s the talking.

The majority of cell phone conversations in the car go something like this:



‘What are you doing?’


And so on. Of course, there are the important people, the ones who can never be away from their phones or Blackberrys for one solitary second because something might happen. It can be assumed that those people already have Bluetooths, and so this law would not effect them one bit.

But what about the rest of us? We are a nation of bad drivers. We have cd players, iPods, and DVDs to distract us, so what if we’re holding a 4-inch phone instead of talking into an ear-piece?

“Nobody will get rid of cellphones altogether,” said Richard Roy, a Connecticut legislator who sponsored that state’s law. “But I think that by passing a law, by having regular news stories about it…it makes people think more about what they’re doing behind the wheel.”

Nah, it really won’t.