Spanning the Web

1203448623Taking you around the internet for your afternoon enjoyment.

Get ready for the Celtics backlash: Charles Barkley revealed in a Playboy interview that when he played, Boston had the worst fans in the NBA. Because they were mean. [] Taking the art to the streets: There is a cool initiative underway in Dorchester, called Dot Aht that seeks to spotlight artists and creative initiatives, rather than violence [dotaht, via Universal Hub]

Who makes a getaway in a cab? A guy who tried to knock over a bank on School Street, apparently. We know times are tough, but when you have to skimp on the getaway car, it might be a sign that you should call off the robbery. []

Fight! Fight! Fight! Something strange appears to be happening in Cambridge. There was a brawl amongst childhood pals at Charlie’s Kitchen over the weekend, a road rage incident in Central, and a good old-fashioned street fight in front of the 7-11. [Wicked Local]

On Chowder, we examine the difference between Margarita’s and Border Cafe. It’s all in the free chips and salsa.

While Bostonista gets testy over the First Lady’s decision to remodel the White House.