Preparing For the Satellite’s Reentry

1203519417In this post-9/11 world, we almost long for the retro Cold War worries. During that time, Boston Daily was too busy fretting about what would happen on our favorite Saturday morning cartoons to think about spy satellites and the damn Ruskies. We imagine it felt a little like waiting for the toxic spy satellite to be shot down—there’s some sense of danger, but the whole proceeding is so abstract that we’re not losing sleep over it.

But if toxic debris falls on New England, the Massachusetts Urban Search and Rescue Task Force is ready.

“There is no indication that anything will land in Massachusetts or anywhere else on the entire planet. (But) the Urban Search and Rescue Task Force is up and ready,” said Peter Judge, spokesman for the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA).

Is it wrong that we kind of hope that some space trash falls in our area? It would pair nicely with our possibly counterfeit chunk of the Berlin Wall our grandparents gave us.

Especially if we win $1,000 from the Lowell Spinners.

There are 194 countries (according to and four oceans (Pacific, Atlantic, Indian and the Artic) where the satellite could land on earth. There is also the possibility it will never reach earth or the U.S. could shoot the satellite down. Taking those possibilities into account there are 200 different options.

The Spinners will raffle off 200 slots at $10 each and fans can enter as many times as possible until all 200 slots have been filled. On Tuesday, February 26th the Spinners will randomly assign each entry a country, ocean, the satellite never makes it to earth or it is shot down.

This is so much fun! We wish disabled satellites fell from the sky every year.