The Last Word

Your long day of corporate drudgery is over. Get out and enjoy the city! Here are a few ideas to get you started, lovingly picked by Boston Daily.

If you find that a Louisville Slugger has been taken to both your headlights, it’s likely your ex-girlfriend attended the Carrie Underwood concert at UMass Amherst. Maybe next time you’ll think before you cheat.

We raise our glass to anyone who decides to run a marathon, especially when they’re doing it for a great cause. You can salute the runners of the Melanoma Foundation of New England’s Marathon Team in person at its Winter Warmer Fundraiser.

It’s been said that the best artists are often the most troubled. While that hasn’t worked for Britney Spears, autistic and bipolar Daniel Johnston proves the adage true. Check out one of his rare performances tonight.

Lizards and Snakes: Alive! Hereptophobics: Freaked the hell out!