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1203513634Our stem to stern review becomes a stem and stern review: Inspectors say they are unable to examine 4,000 bolts in the Ted Williams Tunnel because of a design flaw. But they’re pretty sure everything is fine. Consider us reassured. [Herald]

Hey, at least the Turnpike Authority won’t have to pay those inspectors: The new chairman of the Turnpike Authority is already expressing frustration with the culture and financial situation of the agency. Alan LeBovidge plans to cut the number of tollbooth workers to save money. [Globe]

And he thinks he’s frustrated now: The union that represents the tollbooth workers who will lose their jobs isn’t going to let its members be replaced by the Fast Lane system so easily. [Herald]

Wait, what? Gov. Deval Patrick continues to do damage control after Barack Obama borrowed parts of his campaign speeches by telling Good Morning America the allegation is “an elaborate charge and an extravagant one.” [Globe]