Josh Beckett Lays Forth a Challenge

1203629712All of us have been there. Someone snaps a picture when you’re mid-yawn or slouched over, and you find the God-awful result on the somebody’s Facebook page within a matter of days. It must have been even more embarrassing for Red Sox ace Josh Beckett, who found an unflattering picture of his stomach splashed across the pages of the Herald.

Instead of whining about the injustice of it all, Beckett invited the gossip columnists who used the picture to come work out with him.

WBZ’s Dan Roche had the balls to bring up the unflattering snapshot in an interview with Beckett.

“Anytime somebody wants to come and try and go through one of my workouts with me—and I think those people probably know who they are—come on down.”

Beckett punctuated his statement with a clap of his hands, and confirmed he was laying out the challenge for the gossip columnists.

File under: Fat Chance.