St. Patrick’s Day Conundrum: To Pray, or To Party?

1203605549I don’t have much experience with the intricate rituals that Catholics observe around Easter. My friends pass on chocolates or vodka for Lent while I consume both in epic quantities and watch their abstention in awe. Therefore, it didn’t matter to me whether the St. Patrick’s Day parade happened during the Holy Week or not.

But for those who do care, the Southie St. Patrick’s Day parade will take place on Palm Sunday.

While other cities have moved their celebrations so they don’t interfere with the Holy Week, Boston’s organizers won’t be swayed.

“It would just throw everything completely off,” [State Rep. Brian] Wallace said.

Not that Hurley would have given it any thought.

“We won’t be dictated to,” [Organizer John “Wacko”] Hurley said.

Rep. Wallace also hopes that the morning’s church services will keep the Guinness-soaked proceedings calmer than usual.

“We’ve been trying to change the tenor of the day for a while – to make it a family day,” Wallace said. “The effort’s been there whether it’s Holy Week or not.”

Catholics may believe in miracles, but Rep. Wallace may be dreaming a little too big.