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1203600490That puts him close to $2 billion on the Gramm-o-Meter: For those of you playing along at home, the final sum of Mitt Romney’s personal money invested in his campaign is $42.3 million. To win the nomination, he would have needed close to $2 billion. [Globe]

But at least Romney didn’t go this route: Former New Hampshire congressional hopeful Gary Dodds was convicted of faking his disappearance to bring attention to his floundering campaign. [Globe]

Tollbooths could be sprouting up like mushrooms: New federal rules would make it easier for the Turnpike Authority to charge drivers on I-93. Turnpike Chairman Alan LeBovidge is considering the move, though nothing is certain yet. [Herald]

Maybe somebody wants to look into this? Superior Court Judge Richard Moses is responsible for freeing a second man with a long criminal history and a Level 3 sex offender status who went on to commit another crime. The man was arrested after he blocked the entrance to a bathroom to lock a woman in and “get a look at her butt.” [Herald]