A Condo Development We Actually Like

1203698013While we may be up to our ears in student loan debt, we like to dream about owning property someday. One of the main things we look for when indulging in some hot real estate fantasies is access to the T. Sure, the service is expensive and unreliable, but so is owning a car.

Presently, living at the end of a T line puts you in Melrose or Revere. But the cash-strapped MBTA may soon allow a developer to put build on its property in Newton.

The Herald reports that the T is soliciting bids from developers to build a housing and retail complex at the end of the Riverside line.

The MBTA has identified transit-oriented development as the preferred use for the property, which is located near the intersection of Route 128 and Grove Street and billed as a gateway to Newton.

The mixed-use projects typically include housing and commercial components, such as office space and a hotel, and open space.

All that, and we don’t have to move to Revere? Sold!