Is It Time to Panic?

We admit that we’ve been a little busy with more pressing manners than the snow falling outside. But after reading we expected to see a scene that resembled the one during the December 13 snowstorm that spawned a million nightmare commutes. We prepared ourselves for cars stuck in snowdrifts and police directing endless lines of cars down Mass Ave.

1203711545Instead, we saw this.

Things must be a lot snowier on Beacon Hill, because Gov. Deval Patrick announced early dismissal for all non-essential state employees. Many of our friends have also emailed us to say they’ve been let out early too.

Even MEMA is sounding the alarm.

“We’re recommending for folks to get on the road ahead of this if possible,” said Peter Judge, spokesman for The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency. “If the snow starts to pick up to 1 to 2 inches an hour, stay put.”

Come on, it’s not that bad. Aren’t we supposed to be hardy New Englanders? Put on your boots, drive slowly, and quit whining.

. . . Though if anybody wants to send us home early, we’d be totally cool with that. Our friend is heading to Filene’s Basement, and if we hurry we can meet her there. Or, um, head home so the plows can do their job. Yeah. That’s it.