The Towing Begins

1203695059Nothing takes the fun out of your Friday evening like a snowy commute. At least one branch of the MBTA is bound to have complications, and when you get home to grab your car and drive to dinner, it may not be there.

A Boston Daily mole has seen cars being towed all over Somerville, which declared a snow emergency at 3 a.m. And that’s only the beginning of the snow-related headaches.

WBZ has a list of communities with parking bans in effect. Boston and Cambridge aren’t on the list yet, but if you parked in Quincy or Revere you may want to duck out early to move your car. reports that drivers have already started skidding off the road on the South Shore, and a 5-car pileup is snarling traffic on the Cape.

The one good thing about an ominous evening commute? The National Weather Service advises people to leave work by noon today to avoid the mess. While that didn’t work out so well the last time, at least you can hole up in a bar until the snow stops without fear of spending the next day hungover in the office.