Jim Ogonowski vs. John Kerry: It’s Gonna Be Good

1201531514The candidacy of Jim Ogonowski for Sen. John Kerry’s seat has been described as a David vs. Goliath battle. Kerry has occupied his seat for over two decades, while Ognowski’s most notable accomplishment is losing his congressional bid to Niki Tsongas last year.

But with Kerry’s latest remarks about Ognowski’s campaign, it’s beginning to sound more like Aesop’s fable The Ant and the Grasshopper.

Ogonowski is heading to Washington to drum up support from the Republican Party. For its part, the GOP is somewhat receptive to the farmer from Dracut. But Kerry’s spokesman is openly mocking both the candidate and his party.

“These Republican Senate candidates should spend their time in Washington lobbying FEMA to declare the Massachusetts GOP a federal disaster area and pushing the Interior Department to declare Massachusetts Republicans an endangered species,” David Wade said in a statement.

We don’t think he has much of a chance either, but maybe you should at least pretend to take him seriously.