Charges Coming For Roger Clemens?

1202920223These have not been good days for Roger Clemens. Ever since he appeared before the House Oversight Committee, he has been losing ground in the court of public opinion. But Hall of Fame voters and message-board commenters are the least of his worries. The New York Times reports today that the House Committee has drafted a letter urging the Justice Department to open an inquiry into whether Clemens committed perjury.

Meanwhile, The Nanny not only speaks very good English, she also speaks fluent Roger. During her deposition she reportedly said that while she didn’t have a lawyer, “I’m not afraid. I’m telling the truth. Bring it on.”

We haven’t even gotten to the 11-year-old kid with the pictures from the infamous Jose Canseco party or the calls to disqualify Rusty Hardin, the pugnacious Texas attorney who’s strangely grown very, very quiet.

Yes, this is what it’s come to for the so-called Greatest Pitcher of his Era. He’s tried to cover up one “misremeberance” with another. Not even Dan Burton can save him now.