More Weekend Morning Fun on WHDH

1204060460The early morning stylings of Channel 7 weekend anchors Christa Delcamp and Adam Williams are not for everyone. The two giggle like kids in church, cracking jokes about the stories that feature a two-legged dog or a stupid criminal.

I can see how that could grate on the nerves of those who like their morning news delivered with some gravitas, but I enjoy their easygoing approach to the weekend news. Delcamp and Williams know they’re not doing the work of Edward R. Murrow, so we laugh with they when they tease weekend weatherguy Jeremy Reiner.

My fellow Delcamp/Williams fans and I are in luck. The station has added an hour and a half to its morning news program.

Sources tell us that the station will add an additional hour of local news on Saturday mornings at 6 a.m., and an additional half-hour on Sunday mornings beginning at 7:30 a.m. The extended shows begin on March 29.

Channel 7 Vice President and General Manager Randi Goldklank told Boston Daily the station is excited for the changes. “7 News has always been committed to our viewers, providing more news than any other station in town. These additional newscasts will help us continue that mission.”