Boston: City of Sin?

1204215271If you ask someone from outside New England what Boston is all about, they’ll probably cite lobsters, baked beans, and Puritans. For hundreds of years, we’ve been portrayed as the uptight prudes of the Banned in Boston variety.

But no more! A study by says that Boston is guilty of committing one of the Seven Deadly Sins. [via]

Our town is the fifth greediest city in America. The study used the magazine’s Forbes 400 list of the richest Americans and checked where they live, and our city has .61 of those rich guys living here. The survey also cites the symbiotic relationship between academia and the rich.

We didn’t do that well with the really fun sins like lust. Denver, Colorado (?!) takes the most lustful city, and the gluttonous areas were largely concentrated in the South. (Must have been all those Hardees hamburgers.) But if our love of money is what ends the perception that we’re all in bed by 10, we’ll take it.