Harvard Joins Forces with Chris Hanson. Sort of

1204220135We here at Boston Daily love the internet. Anything that allows us to shop without wearing pants is okay in our book. But the Web has a seedy side that can allow predators to exploit teenagers without putting on their pants. Not okay.

As any channel-surfer who finds himself mesmerized by a marathon of To Catch a Predator can testify, these people do get dressed and then they try to meet the unsuspecting kids. But that may happen less now that Harvard has been enlisted to help keep kids safe.

A group of Internet law scholars from Harvard Law have joined the Internet Safety Technical Task Force. The group was created as part of an agreement with 49 attorneys general from around America to investigate ways to verify Web user’s age, and to keep kids away from inappropriate content and people.

Internet giants like MySpace, Facebook, and Google are participating in the investigation. Even AOL is helping out. But where’s Chris Hanson’s name on that list? When all the technological innovation fails, he can be there to chide the pervert into giving up his computer.

Photo by SilentJay74.